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Perhaps it is my academic background - or perhaps because I transitioned to software development courtesy of the ArsDigita Bootcamp process - but I have always done some amount of teaching. Most recently that has taken the form of a couple of weekend workshops.

The Los Angeles Ruby Study Group organized a small workshop to teach an abbreviated version of Michael Hartl’s “Rails Tutorial” in a weekend. If we do this again, we’ll probably cut even more - probably by using one of the popular authentication plugins rather then building the one from the book. But here are the slides for what we (mostly) covered on our first attempt.

I have also gotten to teach a couple of RailsBridge workshops in Los Angeles and Boulder. I’ll have to say I have had a lot of fun with them. First of all, some really terrific women have done most of the hard work organizing the venue, signups, sponsors, food, etc. so all I had to do was show up and teach! And I got to meet some really super people at each workshop - students and volunteers who came to help out. My notes to myself for the Boulder workshop are in this blog post.